Robo-fly, simulating a real flight of an insect

    Harvard scientists in all seriousness unambiguously brought science fiction, spy action movies and reality together. And just something, they showed people a fly-robot weighing 60 milligrams and with a wingspan of 3 centimeters. The robot moves exactly like a real fly, and its size allows it to be used as a spy. According to scientists, their brainchild still needs to be finalized, but the military, of course, has already laid eyes on the miracle of technology.

    The main problem that a group of scientists had to deal with was the unacceptability of existing production processes to create “parts” of a robot of such a small size. In the end, the developers independently using a microlaser cut out polymer and carbon fiber, and then “glued” together the components of the future robot. But lest you think that the Harvardians simply used the latest version of a jigsaw and that’s it, I’ll note the following: the scientists studied the dynamics of the fly’s flight for 7 years. And only after that they started “assembling” their robot.

    By the way, the Harvard robotic fly is, of course, not the first robot similar in appearance and size to any insect. But its uniqueness lies in the fact that it completely simulates a real flight of a fly. It may well be that the glass will break? Although it’s too early to talk about it yet. Currently, a group of researchers is working on improving the flight controller. So that the fly flies not only straight and up, but also in other directions.

    via Technology Review

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