Google Fashion boutiques open in China and Turkey

    Quite funny facts about using the Google brand were published on a tourist’s blog :

    Google Fashion in Turkey“Today everyone has probably heard something about Google and this is not surprising, because Google is a world-famous brand. At his mention, you can imagine anything, but certainly not a network of fashion boutiques ... the only thing that somehow reminds you of clothes is promotional products with logos of various Internet services owned by Google, which can be purchased in the branded online- Google Store Store. But, we have not heard of any trendy developments involving famous designers ...

    However, this does not prevent particularly enterprising citizens (and maybe not citizens) of China and Turkey from opening Google Fashion boutiques.
    You can see the results of their ingenuity and cunning, as well as evaluate the quality of the products offered (to which Google has no relation whatsoever) in the Chinese city of Hangzhou (Zhejiang province) and in Turkey (the location of the boutique is not known). ”

    Google Fashion in China
    If you decide what- either purchased at these outlets, we recommend complementing your original look with at least the original Google for Men fragrance. Do not hesitate - after such pumping yourself beloved it will be much easier for you to find a girl relevant to your requests: lol :!

    Google Eau de Toilette for Men

    I’m wondering what a potential buyer looks like in such stores.
    If you know other facts of the illegal use of various large (and not so) brands, tell us in this thread ...

    P / S By the way, onthe tourist was upgraded - an Internet cafe in Egypt was added ...

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