Opening a business. Legalization.

    In this article I will tell you how to legally open a business in Ukraine.

    Why might you need legalization? There can be different reasons, for example, you want a good pension and seniority, you need a constant legal income for a loan, insurance, etc. Well, the most compelling reason is that you need to sign contracts, open bank accounts, etc.

    First you need to choose a form of entrepreneurship. The easiest way to start with SPD is an individual entrepreneur. Making it the easiest, it requires minimal reporting, etc. We take a passport and an identification code, go to our district administration. There we find out the details, we go to pay the nearest bank 34 UAH. We come back, fill out a special form, indicate what we will do, stand in line a little ... Registration takes place very quickly, and on the same day you receive a certificate of state registration of business activities. A few days later you need to pick up an extract from the pension fund, you will need it when opening an account with a bank.

    After receiving the certificate, you can go to the tax office. There is a special room in which new entrepreneurs are registered. Before you go there you need to fill out a special form, which you can buy there in the tax layout, make a photocopy of the certificate, passport and identification code. After that, we again stand in line, wait, come in, give documents, we are informed by our inspector. After we go to the inspector, and we are finally finalized. You can choose one of two types of taxes: single (200 UAH per month, regardless of profit, but profit should not exceed 500 000 UAH per year) and general (15% of profit). A single tax is beneficial for those whose income is more than 1400 UAH per month. Actually the tax is over. It is only necessary to enter the declaration once a quarter. Please note that if you are late for more than 40 days - a fine.

    Next, we need a seal to sign contracts and more. For this procedure, we need to notarize 2 copies of the certificate of state registration of entrepreneurship. We go to the permitting authority in our area. There you will be offered printing services. Write a statement, draw a sketch of the seal, leave photocopies of all documents, plus a certified copy of the certificate. Exactly a week later, the seal and permission will be ready. Resolution costs 51 UAH, printing - 105 UAH (cheaper, more expensive).

    Next is the bank account (I chose PrivatBank). We take with us absolutely all documents and their photocopies, a seal and a certified copy of the certificate. You need to open 2 accounts: one card, the other non-cash. By bank transfer you will perform all necessary operations, in order to withdraw money from it, you must transfer to a card, and only then withdraw. It is possible and one, but it will be very expensive to cash out on a checkbook. We fill out a huge questionnaire, wait 2 days - we get the account details. We pick up the card in 2 weeks. If you need to connect to the client-bank system, you will have to come one more time. The client-bank makes it possible to make transfers via the Internet, see who transferred money to you, and so on. It costs - 30 UAH per month. Opening an account is free of charge.

    Total it took 2 weeks of time and 200 UAH. There are organizations that will do everything for you, it will cost significantly more, but you can save time, and with it money. If you have any questions, I will answer with pleasure.

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