Spammers use the power of the FBI and pity for soldiers for their own purposes

    The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the FBI’s Internet crime investigation department, warns of fraudulent emails allegedly from the FBI and the US military.

    “IC3 is increasingly receiving information on fraudulent fraud that misrepresentes the FBI and its head, Robert S. Mueller III. Fraud letters for naturalness use the images of the FBI director, the seal, the heading and the headings of the letterhead, ”the department said on Tuesday.

    Other scammers use the FBI name to "intimidate and convince the recipient that the letter is real." Criminals also used the name of the agency in extortion letters and scams with online auctions.

    In addition, it was announced that scammers also send letters on behalf of American soldiers stationed abroad. Fraud letters are written in different ways, but their main idea is always the same: to find out personal information or to receive money from the recipient.

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