Open source devices have every chance of not getting FCC approval

    Three days ago, on July 6, a new law entered the United States that could change the attitude of manufacturers of devices with SDRs towards open source software.

    Last week, a law came into effect that made it difficult for manufacturers to obtain US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval for equipment with SDR (Software Defined Radio - a radio communication system that uses software to modulate and demodulate radio signals) using open source software. It is worth noting that SDR technology is widely used in modern mobile phones and WiFi equipment.

    The new FCC decree aims to limit “bad users” (for example, terrorists) from the source code so that it cannot be reflashed, for example, to get more power or the ability to use external frequencies, which could jeopardize public safety. Thus, it will be difficult to obtain FCC permission for SDR devices using free software. It's a pity, because now among manufacturers of wireless equipment and phones, free software has become more popular ...

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