The level of highly intellectual laziness among our people is just going wild

    The East Slavic peoples are remarkable in nature, such a level of highly intellectual laziness as the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples, probably, no one else. After the collapse of the USSR, only the Baltic countries came to normal society and European standards of life from all Soviet republics (and I’m not sure, because I know the situation only from the stories, but I myself haven’t been there yet, tell me the truth) , all other countries remain in the so-called "Scoop", do not seek anywhere, but all the time they actively complain that the country is in chaos, a complete ass, the salary is small, and no one gives normal work!

    As it turned out , it’s quite possible to find a normal job for ourselves in our country (and I think that the situation in the neighboring country of Russia), it’s just that no one is looking, and visitors from other countries where it will actually be worse with work are found in our it’s a good occupation for the country.

    The “Scoop” dissolved the brain for us with the knowledge that the state owes us something, that we have the right to rely on subsidies, free medicine and education; some also believe that going to the army, not spitting under your feet and not pissing at the entrance is the destiny of selected idiots, but this is a topic for a separate discussion, although it also characterizes us all well.

    In the country in which he goes to church, he knows prayers and rites, honors the commandments, etc. only 5% of the population is strong, for some reason church holidays (!) suddenly became state holidays. In the Labor Code, there is an amendment that people of non-Christian religions have the right to a day off to celebrate their holidays. I believe that for Christians it should be exactly the same. If you believe - write a statement and celebrate Easter. Questions of the truth of faith and whether a person writes an application for a day off due to the fact that he believes, or simply wants to rummage around, let us leave the conscience of those who write the statement. If this happens, then you will see how many idlers in our country are too lazy to write a statement and just come to work on a holy day.

    In our country there are already many holidays! This is absolutely unacceptable when a country cannot get out of a series of crises of various kinds from political to economic. Too early we began to squander the time that we could spend on building our own state, in which, after it gets on its feet, holidays will arise by themselves that you want to celebrate and celebrations will not go to the detriment of the state itself.

    What I propose (corny, very simple to implement and absolutely impossible to practice):
    On the day of Labor on May 1, you have to work! because it is a holiday of labor.
    If the holiday falls on a day off, then there is nothing to postpone it, because several days immediately fall out of the cage;
    On March 8, everyone also needs to work, because some men get drunk on this holiday, but this is not their holiday (!), not women, and women after that stand and wash the dishes, which means they work anyway. For the most extreme case of March 8th, only women can be given a well-deserved day off;
    Holidays of the military have the right to celebrate ONLY the military and no one else;
    Church holidays have the right to be celebrated only by those who actually believe (it is easy to determine by the facts of violating the commandments and following the canons or simply leave on the conscience of someone who wants to get a day off on this day, see above);
    Remove from the Labor Code for commercial non-governmental organizations any mention of a 40-hour work week, days off due to worked days off, double rate for night work, etc. Nobody does it anyway. Plus, in a commercial organization, everything happens on a commercial basis - either you work overtime for the money that they pay you, or you don’t work, or you bargain with the authorities about raising the rate. The market will equalize everything and put it in its place, those who have a clear motivation program for their staff do not need the Labor Code;
    Reduce the number of public holidays. Remove Constitution Day, Unity Day of Ukraine, March 8, May 1, May 2, Christmas, Easter, Trinity, everything else officially credited on weekends. Leave only New Year, Victory Day and Independence Day, as these are truly public holidays;
    I do not propose to reduce the vacation because they stammer;

    Well, now the answer to the question asked in the title. Do you know why there are so many blog posts in the last two days? Yes, because Ukraine has another holiday, Constitution Day, and on this occasion, we have not two, but four days off in a row! I finally have time and my hands reach you to share everything that has accumulated over the past month in my brain.

    Personally, I continue to work on the weekend, comb my projects, write on this blog, although I have time to relax a bit, I believe that I have achieved little, earn little, and that time is running out too quickly, but very many people have done beautiful things on Constitution Day , 3 days of leave at my own expense + days off + fell off from the middle of the working day last Saturday, when we worked for this Friday + Sunday after this Saturday, and it’s not the fact that they will appear on Monday at 9 am

    After that I do not believe that my country is in crisis, people live poorly and earn a little howl!

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