Feedback on SkyLink

    I remember from half a year ago, and maybe I have already described my own experience with SkyLink.
    The most interesting thing is that life experience does not teach me anything. As soon as a new device comes out, my hands begin to shake, copious salivation begins, and I, like a Pavlovskaya bitch, crawl into the office for a sports car and take the device. And after a couple of months, I sell the phone, throw out the RUIM and return to normal communication (cellular).

    Last time I drenched a new, at that time, U300. Now the U520. I said hunchback!
    For the first time, the design of the device does not cause vomiting, at a first approximation. He does not stick out anywhere, does not creak or stagger, which allows him to safely put it in the front pocket of his jeans (the benefit of radiation in CDMA networks is not large). It is light and black. Actually, the pluses end there.
    Looking ahead a bit, I would like to tell the big uncles from the “connection of the new generation” what the main gimmor of the technological chain of production of these miscarriages of Korean engineering is. The problem is that they (not to say phones) are designed by manufacturers - Koreans. I will not go into details of the difference in perception of the peoples of the east and the west. I will be brief - Europeans should design, at worst Russians, and hand over drawings to Koreans - let them rivet. Maybe then zero will be placed under the figure eight and pressing the volume keys outside the conversation will no longer adjust the volume of the keystrokes (on which, by the way, the alarm volume directly depends !!!).
    Now for the specifics:
    1. The keyboard sucks. Firstly, it is too low. The thumb, of course, can flex like that, but not for long. Secondly ... Zero is under the eight, the asterisk is under the nine, the lattice is under the seven. You are not Nokia - show off early. Thirdly, the navigation keys are arranged in such a way that when pressed to the right, you automatically press the end call, and by pressing reception, you automatically launch the mp3 player (by the way, why on the device positioned as a business class, the hard button of the mp3 player?). Fourthly, to unlock it is necessary to press not “lattice-> grid”, but “lattice-> lattice-> grid”. A trifle, but unpleasant.
    2. Notebook - shit. Firstly, it doesn’t allow you to record a number longer than 30 digits (yes, I’m calling on such phones :)), and secondly, if P (pause) is inserted in the number, further commands are simply not transmitted. Thirdly, well, you teach Koreans to not tie ID databases to a quick call. This is done by adding one table or editing the existing one (but I am for an additional table). Fourth, you cannot send DTFM from a notebook during a conversation. Only with pens and as a keepsake. And in combination with a limit of 30 digits ...
    3. By the way, I said that the battery sucks as always?
    4. Support mp3 call - it's a quiet horror. I mean, when you just listen, everything’s ok, and when you put mp3 on the call (by the way, they don’t put more than a certain size, it was too lazy to find out the size), too, but when someone calls you, it’s very quiet. Quieter than when tuning or listening.
    5. But the speakerphone works well, but just the speaker is bad. Apparently due to the fact that it is wide, the sound is somehow cleverly scattered, and it is hard to hear in a noisy room or just on the street, in comparison with the same nokia and Erica.
    6. But this is nothing because the opponent also does not hear me well. I don’t know who is to blame, the microphone or the network bandwidth, but the first phrase of my opponents is “Hello, hello, can you hear me?” Speak very loudly to you louder! ” But my vocal chords are now like Baskov’s (C).
    7. By the way, the U300 had a plus - the caller’s photo in full screen. The U520 is a good start hacked on the vine.
    8. Built-in melodies - bullshit. No trrrrrrrrrr (electronic telephone sound).
    9. There is a voice recorder, but it does not allow you to record a telephone conversation.
    10. There is an organizer that has nothing to synchronize with.
    11. But there is a competent thing that is not implemented in many noki - a notch for the lace, to hang on the neck, or to hang pendants. My pigs are hitched.
    12. The phone supports work in GSM networks !!! If you do not switch it to this mode. Because I could not call (tried with two operators). The network sees, but does not ring.
    13. By the way, SMSs to the Far East never reach.
    14. Able to charge via USB, and act on it as a modem (under linux, even firewood was not needed). Can’t do anything else via USB.
    15. The blue tooth is working suspiciously normal. That is, as on a normal phone. I don’t know what the joke is. I even spoke on the headset and changed files - it works. Apparently a puncture from the Koreans.
    16. There is support for audio output to BT headsets. But just like with GSM support - only until it is turned on.
    17. Supports microSD cards. I did not check. There weren’t enough nerves.
    18. By the way, there was a cool opportunity to get a picture from a web-camera to a mobile. But this topic is still in a contraceptive state, like phones. However, you can already watch SkyLink commercials from your mobile.
    19. Internet - as always on top. Fast, high quality and inexpensive. In this direction, we can only wish to reduce the cost of traffic and the appearance of unlimited Internet tariffs.
    20. Very fashionable office. Really looks. Not weakly invested.

    ps The author of the article notes that all of the above is not the ultimate truth, and can only be a consequence of their own curvature or rejection of a particular device. You can reprint this text anywhere, without prior notice to the author and without the need for references to the source, but without distorting the facts and observations.

    pps Selling Ubiquam U520, used for two months, under warranty, perfect condition, the whole set ...

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