Top 10 Methods of Success in Internet Business

    After analyzing the blogs of many people involved in the Internet business, I identified several methods that will help beginners in the Internet business. These methods do not claim any laws in this craft, but they work for many successful moneymakers. So.
    1. Copy working themes.
      If you see that a person “has a theme”, then try to do the same as him. Usually the likelihood that you will succeed, too, tends to 100%.
    2. Look for "your" chips.
      Despite the fact that you can simply copy other people's topics, nevertheless, you need to try to look for something of your own. Try to advertise with other keywords, try to adjust the niche or change the source of traffic. In general, experiment.
    3. Look for accomplices.
      Not a single sensible project works without partners. It is extremely difficult to engage in a project alone. It is much easier to promote several projects together, supporting each other, than to try to prove to everyone that you are the best!
    4. Organize a scheme for receiving money.
      The cornerstone of the entire online business. If you are entering a topic, then try to immediately understand how to extract money from this topic. Look at the interest rates on commissions, specify all the nuances in the tax, analyze where it is more profitable for you to open an account, etc.
    5. "Patience and a little effort".
      Do not panic right away if one or another topic does not work for you. Just try to analyze where exactly your “jambs” are. Sometimes it may be that the server simply does not work well or your domain was banned by search engines or you just use the wrong affiliate ID. Talk to more experienced people (especially if you are their referrals, they will always help).
    6. Try to create your own network of affiliates.
      Your affiliates are an investment in your future. Even when you retire, affiliates will consistently bring you 10-20% of your income. Train your affiliates, give them bonuses, like IZhBomzh does it .
    7. Understand SEO.
      Be sure to try to understand the basics of website promotion. Website promotion is one of the main sources of income for many people. Millions of dollars are invested in this area. Therefore, so that people visit your sites, learn the basic methods of driving traffic to the site. Visit the search engine optimization forum and ask your questions there.
    8. Create a network of sites.
      Be sure to make yourself 10 pieces of sites from which you will receive income. Do not do too much, but when you have enough of them, then even getting a penny from everyone, you will get a ruble. In this regard, Davydov cleverly acts . He simply creates a new site every month. What is this method good for, that you are not dependent on search engines. Having banned one domain, you will receive income further from others and this will not hit your wallet much.
    9. Join social networks.
      Infusion into social networks will give an excellent influx of visitors to the site. The main thing is not to break into a network like MySpace or Digg! . The thing is that there it is difficult to promote a site. Even if you write good content, a party of “kings” of these sites will quickly drop you. And all articles, such as " how to promote a site to the top digg " will not help. Try to spin in thematic social networks. In Russian, E-Xecutive and My Circle are perfect for businessmen and managers .
    10. Make a social network.
      Search engines are evil. Anyway for the webmaster. The constant dependence on the mood of their Majesty annoys very many. Therefore, try to maximize distance from them, in terms of attracting traffic. Look for as many ways as possible to attract traffic to the site in addition to search engines. Make a social network when people themselves will be interested in filling and promoting the site. For example, Wikipedia receives more than 50% of the traffic precisely thanks to the social component of the site and viral marketing.
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