QIP Infium - additions / corrections from 06/29/2007

    At the moment, QIP Infium Beta is being finalized: they fix the errors found, add the necessary functions.
    Please note that this is a test version of QIP Infium. The main thing for us now is to collect mistakes and shortcomings in order to move on.

    All corrections of the test version will be indicated in the form of the time of the last update of the archives (they are available on our website, these are the same archives that you already downloaded).

    Last update 21:24, 06/29/2007 (Moscow time).
    The entire archive has been updated. It is necessary to replace all exe and dll files.

    Added / fixed:
    * Core: The button "Contact menu" in the message window is not always pressed only with a double click;
    * Core: The Font flies to the CL, after restarting and applying any other parameter in the settings;
    * Core: Many corrections in the code;
    * Jabber: Quip freezes at the exit, with the Jabber module active;
    * Jabber: updated menus wherever possible, now you can edit your data and change your password;
    * Jabber: earned the transfer of files in Jabber;
    * Jabber: Many corrections in the code;

    Download QIP Infium in the RAR archive
    Download QIP Infium in the ZIP archive

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