Me, HTC S620 and Apple iPhone

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... But no, not like that. I am a geek, a technologist. I love gadgets and a variety of advanced hi-tech devices.
    Since childhood, I dream of such a thing that would fit in everything in the world. But progress is moving so slowly that the device is born gradually, it seems at the speed of a snail.
    We have to be content with what we have. One of the most beloved gadgets is a cell phone. I choose each pipe painfully and carefully so that the joy of owning it does not dissolve after the announcement of the next model, which is usually a little cooler.
    The next time for the upgrade came up, and decided to change my Siemens CX65 (I note that the Jimm + Opera Mini decently “pumped” the phone) for something from Windows Mobile powered.
    After a six-month choice, I decided to purchase the HTC S620.
    Dream phone: 320x240, QWERTY, Wi-Fi, mp3, video, Outlook ... The phone was bought on January 9, at 6 pm ...

    I came home with a purchase, joyful, turned on my PC and let's study the device. at 22: ++ on ICQ I get a message from a friend:
    “Bought a mobile phone? You can throw it, look at the Internet about the iPhone. " He put the phone aside, and let it rustle, including Habru.
    It immediately became clear - the “dream” phone per second turned into the last century :) Apple iPhone is my standard. By design, by convenience, by technology ... throughout.
    Studying the S620 continued with less enthusiasm :)
    The next day I downloaded the full keynote from iTunes in order to see the first-person presentation, and not from 100 sites. In truth - it’s better to see once,
    than 100 to hear. I admit, this was the first performance of Jobs that I saw. His style of serving new products overwhelmed me so much that for 2 hours I sat spellbound.
    A rare Hollywood movie could also attract my attention. Of all the chips I saw (not counting of course the multi-wheelbarrow :)), the widget for Google Mapps shocked me.
    It seemed to me that literally for 3 touches, Jobs got all the information that he wanted. And I urgently wanted to have the same thing at home.
    The Internet then dazzled that in the Russian Federation iPhone will appear only in 2008, and that is not 100%. The desire to have such a widget did not fade away, and I don’t want to throw out the 620th.
    I decided to program this for him as well.
    And so :) pushMap.
    As we all remember, Jobs showed the work of the widget using an example of ordering 4000 cups of coffee for the audience in Moscone West.
    To demonstrate the operation of pushMap, I propose using hypothetical habradelegation from (with?) Ukraine arriving at the Kiev railway station in Moscow :) The
    demonstration will be in comparison mode. When developing software, I tried to follow all the steps of Jobs.
    Steve presents an iPhone, and I boast a similar skin on my pipe :)
    Steve is looking for an icon to launch a widget. We do the same
    Steve launched a widget and loaded a map of North America. We have a map of Moscow and the region.
    There is an interesting point.
    The first time I watched keynote and evening surfing on January 9, I was “pinned” by the coolness of the iPhone.
    For some reason, it seemed to me that the collaboration between Apple and AT&T is so close that it gives very cool results.
    It seems to determine the location of an iPhone without GPS, according to cellular bases. Then it seemed, why not?
    AT&T provides a base with the coordinates of the towers, and the iPhone through which service thread determines its position. With this, I also connected the “operator training”
    to which Aplle appeals, answering the questions “why in Europe and Asia the product will be only half a year after the USA”.
    Recently revised keynote. It turns out Steve uses a regular bookmark. but it was late, I already implemented the functionality of determining the location by honeycombs :)
    Steve had a location, and so did we. As you can see from the screenshot - Europe Square, Kiev Station.
    Steve introduces Starbucks. We introduce, for example, McDonald's :)
    Steve found Starbucks, but we found McDonald's. Also nearby.
    Steve looks at the results in a list; we can do this with ease too :)
    Steve wants to call. We also select the appropriate option.
    Steve is waiting for an answer. And our hypothetical habradelegation from the homeland of fat. :)
    Steve is trying to order 4,000 cups of coffee. We will be limited to 10 :)

    Habra people rejoice at pushMap opportunities! :)

    Steve called, asks to pass on to Habré and her people a fiery "preved". And he promises that this week will be hot on the news about the iPhone :)

    It is clear that GUI is not 1-in-1, due to the fact that I have a smartphone and no touch screen, so it is button-dependent :)

    You can download pushMap here - php
    requires .net compactframework 2 to work!

    Location is still working in Moscow and Beeline. Soon there will be MTS and Megaphone.

    But this program can be used as a cartographic reference not only for Moscow, but also for St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vladivostok, Izhevsk and other cities.

    Other cities are those cities that are on . Search for them only at the address.

    As you probably already understood from the screenshots, a map, a search of the streets and restaurants is carried out thanks to the company Resident .
    and a little reverse engineering on my part :)

    To have a Peter map, spb should be entered in the settings.

    To automatically load the card at the start of the program, you need to change 0 to 1, 2 - this is the location at startup.

    Database for honeycombs - from

    zs Well, the post turned out :)
    zy2. how to configure in adSense for Russian ads? :)
    z.y3. bookmarks in pushMap do not work yet :)


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