Organization of feedback with site visitors

    We have a corporate website. Such a site contains information about the company, the services that the company offers, as well as, possibly, a product catalog. How to make the user easily communicate (ask questions) to the company?

    I see the following solutions:

    1. Block "Online Consultant". The block indicates the contacts. In the case of ICQ, a link to the site where you can send a message online. In the case of Jabber, integration with . One-way and two-way contact possible. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use it.
      Feedback form. Unfortunately, it only works one way. And probably, this tool is no longer trusted.
      Forum posting. Probably a very good solution. It is done quickly, many people know how to use such a tool. Within the company, various moderators can be assigned to different branches, and thus responsible for communication with the client can be assigned.
      HelpDesk. I mean web systems similar to On the client side, they can monitor tasks, assign responsibility, and keep track of statuses. But for the client it is not very convenient, because This is an unfamiliar system, unlike the forum.
      Similar systems . They are expensive, but they are a very effective tool. I know from experience with the site

      Total: the best way to communicate with the client is the phone.

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