33 ways to watch video content for free

    The future of various media content is the Internet, and video content is no exception.
    Instead of switching channels with the remote control, you could watch television from free television providers on your computer - and if you want, you can watch them all even at the same time (in tiny windows).
    It's time to get to know free ways to watch television on the Internet.

    Well, it’s worth starting with the largest. But in fact, there’s nothing special to say: the user can download the video, the user can watch the video, all for free. And lawsuits are also attached ... for free.

    Another attractive project from the authors of Skype is still in the Beta stage, but it comes from all fronts: a P2P content distribution system; an impressive amount of really valuable video, a cool GUI, almost bug-free player operation, high-quality video. If you stumble upon invite, you will enjoy the video content and the project itself.


    Babelgum is similar to Joost for 2 reasons: a P2P content distribution system, and free, but not exclusive advertising, content. The service is in open beta, and everyone can try it, despite the fact that the number of downloads per day is limited. Channels include content such as news, music, documentaries, sports, animation, etc. The video is played smoothly, the interface is beautiful, but not as perfect as that of Joost. Feature: do not despair if the video does not start playing immediately; a small amount of time is needed for its initial buffering, but the loading indicator, unfortunately, is not.

    Television based on P2P technology, with its software client, focused on European channels (over 50). Unfortunately, it does not work in those countries that are not included in the list of supported ones.

    Veoh is a slightly different design from the others on this list. Its downloadable client looks like a VCR: you can even save movies for later viewing. You can also watch videos online in the Flash version of the video player. Basically, the service is focused on watching videos offline, all video clips longer than 45 minutes can only be viewed on the player being downloaded, it is not possible through Flash. Content is both generated by users and laid out by professional publishers who protect their videos with copyrights.

    NGTV, or No Good TV, is a television that will bring you a ton of emotions. A huge amount of music, all kinds of entertainment content, abounding with foul language.
    It is better for children not to watch, although in reality they see all this on the screens of ordinary Television.


    Democracy is actually a media player with which you can watch all your video files on your computer. But the difference from the usual one is that Democracy can connect to a huge number of video hosting sites and portals of a wide variety of publishers. In the end, this is a media organizer that allows you to structure your offline and online video. The result is a great project, certainly not as cool as Joost. But Democracy has a really bright future.

    Episode network - a large directory of links to videos on the network. The video does not “host” on the portal, but you can find links to a lot of illegal content, such as episodes of some TV shows.

    One of the largest video distribution portals, Dailymotion is as old as YouTube, and almost as popular. Unlike YouTube, DM is not covered by constant publicity, so here you can still find a lot of really interesting content that would have already been deleted from YouTube.

    Google Video
    Despite the fact that Google bought YouTube, Google Video still has a lot of unique content, and a user interface from which not everyone can go.


    BlinkX is a search engine for audio and video content that has indexed about 12 million hours of video. So this is a search engine, you won’t relax here, immediately choosing a show and starting to watch it. We need to sweat and find where it really is laid out. But it’s convenient to look for those shows whose names you simply completely forgot, but remember, for example, the name of the host or the names of guests or actors of the series.

    Simple appearance and interface, a little already boring. But in fact, a video portal offering a large selection of shows from various TV channels.

    Freetube is one of those sites that strive for simplicity: no download, no subscription: only a bunch of neatly sorted shows and TV shows. Many really liked this portal.

    The cheap, depressing portal interface is intimidating initially. But if you try, you can find many good series (for example, Prison Break (Prison Break)).


    Guba is a combination of collective uploading of videos and videos for rent, which means that for some content you will have to pay. Despite this, a bunch of interesting things can be found on the free part of the portal. Guba will also allow you to download videos to PC, iPod, PSP and other portable devices. The site itself is unique because it uses USENET groups content.

    Directory of streaming video links, sorted by country. The coverage is quite wide, although some countries are represented by only one television channel.

    Blip.TV is a portal for distributing videos that users themselves shot. This means that there is less couture than on YouTube, and the technical staff here is quite pleasant. In general, the best place to find the "new" Spielberg, or in extreme cases, Larry Clark.

    Another directory of video content that can be watched using Windows Media Player.
    This resource is only for completely desperate.


    Stage6 is a site that distributes various DivX video (i.e. using the DivX codec). For viewing, you need a special plug-in, the so-called DivX web player, but for the sake of the quality of video clips converted using DivX, you should pay attention to this portal.

    TCUnetworks is a TV company in China that distributes its content via P2P. The content is mostly Chinese, but you can also find something in English too.

    Don't Watch Me
    Well, a very "underdeveloped" list of various video content.

    Tape It Off The Internet
    Tape If Off The Internet, or shorter than TIOTI, is a service designed to track the releases of your favorite shows and TV shows. The service was launched a long time ago - in 2005 - and still in Beta status, which, in general, is not a good sign.

    The portal looks “wretched” (just extremely “wretched”), but it has, surprisingly, good content.

    TV Links

    TV Links is another portal to which the question "Can it be legal" be safely addressed?
    A wonderful selection with links to a series of popular shows and TV shows. Enjoy until you cover.

    A selection of TV shows and shows from the ABC channel. But only for visitors from the USA.

    Free Movies Cinema
    A neatly sorted collection of old and interesting films from various online sources. A small but rational selection, many films from which are really worth a look.

    selection of TV shows and movies, including such popular as Buffy (Buffy), Pimp My Ride (Pimp My Ride), and others. Also, a large number of anime are present in the selection.

    Fox MySpace
    On its MySpace page, Fox offers several of its series for free - if you are in the United States. And for the Europeans what? But nothing.

    Tv video
    A well-organized catalog of episodes of current TV shows such as Gray's Anatomy, Lost (Lost or Lost), and 24. Is this legal? I don’t know, but still there are many episodes.

    Choose and watch
    Another of these long streaming video directories that plays content in Windows Media Player. Indexed more than 300 channels, and, according to the owners of the catalog, something there is even sensible.

    Streaming TV Episodes
    ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX are free episodes of the TV shows of these channels on the Streaming TV Episodes portal. Not so much, but you can find something interesting.

    Your TV Links
    A fairly extensive list of TV shows, cartoons, anime, music and commercials.

    ITV is the largest commercial television network in England, and you can watch some content for free on the network website. Unfortunately, nothing really is worth it; instead of the full versions of episodes and shows, you will see trailers and short clips.

    From myself:
    I really liked Joost , I have been using it for about a month now.
    I also liked the NGTV project very much , I advise you to pay attention to it, quite funny.
    Some of the presented portals do not work in the Russian Federation, but only, for example, in Europe or America.
    There is nothing to be done, only if the proxy is looking for the right country.

    The list of portals is taken from http://mashable.com/2007/06/18/33-ways-to-watch-free-tv-online/ .
    The translation was made by Mofas, not verbatim, with his personal notes.

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