Weekly design

    Successfully passed the diploma. Now I'm a guest metallurgical engineer :))
    And again we publish a selection of interesting things and projects from the world of design (and the surrounding worlds).
    Let's start with a curious watch , a kind of weather widget that came off the Macintosh screen

    But looks like the outside of "smart house" , the standard version:

    And here is a picture, bypassed for weeks, almost all blogs «C (reative) S3»:

    And came already 8 th issue of Bak
    The next item I liked, and on March 8 / On February 14, the gift problem was removed and all thanks to JimmJane . This company produces designer erotic toys.
    I strongly advise you to look, I especially note the collection of designer vibrators. Each collection has its own character, so you can choose your soul :)
    Major Maja “Mother Load” Flink

    Queen of the Texas Hold-Em

    Little Miss Unit

    The Profit

    Fun elements of the kids room

    The ingenious Face2Face project shows Arabs and Jews what neighbors really look like

    Another store selling designer crafts , this time kitchen utensils


    Spaghetti spoon (I still don’t understand how it works :)

    Grill fork and grill knife

    But here a studio that combines light lovers

    And, finally, my favorite type of online store: you can find designer pieces for any room in them;) It’s called Italian Design 360 ° For example, the “Bathroom” section

    Such things are ... stop smoking design sit down and do it and may the force be with you;)

    Also popular now: