Google: A total ban on advertising gambling services.

    Google extends its ban on advertising gambling websites on its site in the UK. Such advertising includes: gambling training materials; games for entertainment sites; sites that promote gambling services.

    Previously, only real money games were included in the ban, but now non-real money games (play money) have also joined them.

    Yahoo! joined Google in a UK ban on gambling sites. However, it was Google that became the first site to ban advertising of such services. News about the prohibition’s spread will hit the business of gambling advertisers, who actively use the free sites for promoting their services.

    A Google spokesperson made a statement: “Google has always been against advertising games such as bingo, poker and Blackjack. However, having reviewed this issue and taking into account the opinion of our users, we decided to expand our ban. We will no longer accept promotions from companies in one way or another related to gambling, casinos, skill games and games for entertainment. We respect the different views of people on gambling and respect freedom of speech. We believe that such a policy will be simple for everyone and will be more consistent with the desires of users. ”

    While the UK continues to regulate and push the limits of gambling and poker, the “super-giants” of the Internet seem to be confused in the direction of their actions. Through a standard Google search, you can still easily find gambling sites.

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