Gogo.Ru - a new search engine from Mail.Ru

    Mail.Ru launched a search engine on a separate domain - gogo.ru .

    Blogs have long suggested such a course of events, based on the hiring of Mail.ru Mikhail Kostin (the former head of Aport) and the emergence of a new search bot.

    The search engine is still quite crude - both in terms of layout, and in terms of relevance and ranking - the results are rather strange. There is no mechanism for “attracting" a bot to your site. The database uses its own, in no way connected with the issuance of a search engine on Mail.ru.

    Gogo's interface reminded some of the service developed by Google - SearchMash.

    Source: http://zhilinsky.ru/2007/06/15/gogoru/ .

    It seems to me that the project was not done by the Mail employees themselves, but with their financial participation. As you know, Mail.Ru is now investing in many start-up projects. Today I will try to find out the details from the first persons.

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