In a PR manager's notebook. All points above the "I"

    Sometimes life teaches. He teaches cruelly that there are little things that should not be neglected. At the beginning of any major project, the project manager (especially the head of the PR department) must answer several key questions.

    1) What exactly is the name of the project (event). It is required to develop and approve the official name in Russian and in English.

    2) What is the slogan (motto) of the event.

    3) What is the mission of the event. We need text in just one or two paragraphs.

    The main thing, of course, is the exact name. After all, even the same thing can be designated in different ways. There are words synonyms, parasite terms, different endings, the ability to use nouns or adjectives. That is why it is very important to immediately determine the term, coordinate it with everyone and confirm it correctly in all documents. Otherwise, confusion will arise. And it is harmful, especially when it comes to advertising, design, printing and souvenir production. There is an unnecessary rush to anyone.

    Having answered the first questions, it is important to immediately decide and order a logo and corporate style of the event. Moreover, it is desirable to approve the logo and corporate identity with the least number of people. Design is a deeply individual thing. Otherwise, taste will arise. Moreover, no matter how tense your schedule is, don’t be too lazy to send the logo to all interested parties. And from each receive a receipt, visa, email that a person approves or does not mind the logo.

    Then proceed to the visual. Usually design, style, refinement of names are postponed for the last time. As a result, a silly rush is inevitable, caused by poor planning and taste. There are only a few days left until the event, and a bunch of "wise men" who do not understand anything in design begin to eat bald spots in your brain and slow down the preparation process. Or, worse, by delaying the preparation of the design, you run the risk of staying with bare walls, because manufacturers have technological deadlines.

    Author: Anatoly Batashev

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