A smart SEO application for blogs.

    I hope gentlemen Seoshniki will forgive me for seditious speeches, but I sincerely believe that search engine optimization robs the blog of the most important thing - personality. After all, if you think about what SEO is aimed at? To attract visitors, not even visitors, but crowds! Visitors, for me, is the target audience, where not every first, but at least the second, subscribes to my blog! The crowd passes by, one-time seduced by the title of the article, of course, out of this faceless mass of people there is one two who remain for a long time others leave immediately. In this regard, SEO is more like a storefront with flashy advertising posters than a subtle tool to attract the right people!

    For bloggers, an overwhelming passion for SEO is dangerous with the complete loss of interesting material. On the other hand, if you write only unique content, then, believe me, it will never attract many visitors from search engines. A talented author is talented in that he is able to turn into words the unconscious thoughts of people who take on a real form in their head only at the moment of reading the note. And before that, a person has neither a dream nor a spirit about what happens in life and such.

    Many bloggers follow the path of least resistance - since unique content does not attract visitors in the right amount, therefore it should be abandoned altogether. As a rule, as a result of choosing such a strategy, the blog publishes: reviews, news, links to other blogs and, of course, HOWTO-style materials (how to make our life better, without too much labor). In my opinion, the only motivation for creating such blogs is the desire to make money on the sale of advertising spots and custom articles. As a result, the blog has a bunch of visitors and just a couple of subscribers.

    The remaining minority clearly understands that refusing to attract visitors through SEO is stupid, but writing only on “tasty” topics that are guaranteed to attract visitors is no less stupid. Therefore, you have to compromise. For example, a lady in her search used the phrase “porn 2.0” to create a note that, by her own admission, brought the lion's share of the total traffic. But (!) If by attendance this is the most popular post, then by its value it clearly loses. Therefore, notes with high-quality content, but low search return come next! Thus, the perfect balance is achieved.

    It is worth noting that in recent years SEO has been replaced by a new optimization direction - Social Media Optimization (SMO), which allows you to distribute quality articles and attract the attention of the right people to your blog. But I personally am not ready to refuse search traffic, like thousands of other bloggers. Therefore, in the near future I plan to use SEO and SMO together. The main thing at the same time, as I said earlier, is a sense of proportion and balance!


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