Syncing madness

    This story began with me a long time ago, with the purchase of Palm Zire, when I realized that the phone book on the computer has the right to life and is very useful. I also understood then that in spite of excellent pieces of iron and open protocols like SyncML, every manufacturer considers it obligatory to write their own protocol and format for storing books, contacts and calendar ... And the software that will be delivered with the device will be enchantingly awful, scary and crooked. So it was with Palm Desktop, which did not understand mail normally and convert documents for 15 minutes. So it was with Active Sync, which is probably the best, but has a number of unpleasant features like incorrect resolution of conflicting records. About cellular software, and I had only business models of Siemens, Motorola, Nokia, SonyE and Samsung I will not say anything - it was very painful to use them. 4 years I wanted so that the notebook and calendar on the cellular, Exchange and home computer match. Today I found a solution to 70% of the synchronization task.

    So, I have Outlook 2007, iCal + Address Book, Samsung x820 and iPod.

    Software for Samsung x820 (Samsung studio 3) has 2 big drawbacks: all entries are synchronized, not the selected groups, and only 200 calendar events, the oldest ones, are synchronized. I have not yet found a solution to the 1st problem, and as a result the phone is filled with all sorts of not often needed contacts. The solution to the 2nd problem - auto-archiving the calendar to a local PST of events older than 3 months - the “ship log” will not come out of the phone (and the Outlook calendar in general), only a business diary.

    The iPod, of course, just syncs with the poppy as it should without question.

    It remains to connect what is at work with the house. By searching on Google and reading forums, I tried to use Google Calendar as a layer. I found out that iCal can be subscribed to its Google-exported web-ical, but synchronization will only be in one direction. I tried to attach synchronization with Outlook: Remote Calendar software does not work with the 2007 version + two-way synchronization status - beta. I read -with-funambol-scheduleworld
    and decided to use another 1 layer - schedueleworld. The result is not comforting, SyncJ does not know how to work with Outlook 2007, is expensive and has not been updated for a long time, and Funambol again does not work with the 2007 version. Plus, of the parts of these programs that have earned, Russian names have passed only in half the cases. However, it turned out that there is a service in the world that does 70% of what I need: it synchronizes the book and calendar from Outlook (on both sides) and AddressBook (also on both sides) to its web portal. However, again, not everything is so joyful - he does not know how to not only synchronize with iCal, but also to give the calendar in the form of XML or ical stream, although the developers promise to implement it. But the fact that the calendar, notes and ToDo are available to me through the web-muzzle from anywhere is already good. The service is called plaxo.compaid there is only a premium option.

    It's a shame that great programs are being written, but normal connectors are not being written, since Google could have brought its Google Calendar to mind. I hope that Leopard will work directly with my phone.

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