Analysts note a significant increase in interest in RIA (Rich Internet Application) applications, since in early 2006 an average of 3,000 copies of books on RIA development were sold per month, and at the end of the year this figure jumped to 7,000.

    Naturally, this state of affairs could not Leave the world's leading software companies indifferent. As a result, Microsoft makes its Silverlight, and Sun creates Java FX.

    Java FX is an extension that is based on the regular JVM, allowing you to create “rich” web applications. Unlike other platforms (AJAX, Flash, Silverlite), Sun does not create a bike (!), Interactivity and multimedia are already embedded in Java, so it’s completely it is logical to enable web developers to provide these tools when creating programs for the Web. And there are no restrictions on the use of libraries already created for Java SE / ME.

    Moreover, Java FX developers promise that their brainchild will allow them to develop high-tech applications that work equally well on mobile devices, home and office computers, while the displayed content will no longer depend on the operating system. This will make it possible in practice to implement the principle of “Write once, use repeatedly.” Let me remind you that now Java works in IE and FireFox, as well as on mobile devices, such as cell phones and handhelds.

    Lastly, I’ll note that all this “joy” will be available only if Java + Java FX is on the client side.

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