The problem of caps

    Three wise men decided once to find out which of them is the most intelligent. For a long time they reasoned, argued, and one man walked past them. The wise men ask him: “Can you judge which of us is the most intelligent?” “Of course,” the man answered and did this:

    He put the sages in a circle so that everyone could see the other two and show them 5 caps - 3 black and 2 white. He asked them to close their eyes and put a black cap on each head. He removed two white ones.

    And he turned to the sages: - Everything is simple. Whoever tells me what color the cap is on his head and substantiates it logically, he won. Do not talk, remove the cap and resort to outside help. Only logical justification.

    One wise man could.


    do not hit hard, this is my first habratopik :)

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