Angling Masters - a social network of anglers

    Angling Masters is a regular social network like MySpace . Users are provided with a personal page called a hut. There you can add photos, pals (friends), personal information, such as location and membership in a community. You can also blog on your page.

    In addition, Angling Masters is the first site to host online fishing tournaments.

    “Friend Contests” allows users to create and participate in online competitions with their fishermen they know, regardless of where they live in the United States. The huge difference in rivers, lakes and numerous species of fish only adds to the interest. There are conversion tables that “convert” one species of fish to another, so that all anglers compete on equal terms.

    To prevent cheating in tournaments, you need to have a witness to catch fish and / or use the official Angling Masters measuring tape to determine the exact size of the fish.

    Surprisingly, this startup has appeared just now. Eh, maybe fishing this weekend? :)

    via techcrunch .

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