Buying StumbleUpon: eBay Offers New Resources

    The largest online auction site, eBay, is negotiating the purchase of a site for recommendations of Internet resources for $ 75 million, Reuters reports citing an anonymous source. The success of the negotiations is not yet known; The parties declined to comment on this information.

    StumbleUpon is an online resource review site with 2.3 million users. Articles on the site are ranked depending on the votes of the participants, who can choose two ratings - a clenched fist with the finger up, raising the article in the rating, and with the finger down. The site recommends various resources from social networks, including Flickr, MySpace and YouTube.

    Articles are sorted by interest categories. Last year, StubleUpon introduced a video site that searches the Internet for videos that match the interests of the user. Then the site received $ 1.5 million in development funding from Google Director Ram Shriram and other individuals and companies.

    In the next 5 years, the site is counting on self-financing. It is assumed that eBay will use the site to review interesting lots at online auctions. Earlier this year, eBay bought the StubHub sports and entertainment ticketing site for $ 307 million.

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