A site with a map of the solar system on the right scale


    Many people realize how vast cosmic distances are, but not everyone knows their scale. In particular, the familiar images depicting the solar system are not drawn to the correct scale - otherwise they would either come out very large, or the planets on them simply would not be visible. To clearly demonstrate these concepts, designer and developer John Worth made a website dedicated to the solar system. Our system is represented on it on such a scale that the moon occupies exactly one pixel.

    The site is made in the form of one very long page with horizontal scrolling. Starting to spin the mouse wheel, first we will get acquainted with the distance scale and see the Sun. Then the distance from the center of the star will begin to count in kilometers or other units, which can be selected at the bottom of the drop-down menu: kilometers, miles, astronomical units, light minutes, Earth diameters, pixels. There are even such exotic measures of length as a bus, a blue whale and the Great Wall of China. In the upper right corner there is a menu for choosing the language - it's nice that there is also Russian.

    After spinning the mouse wheel for several minutes, the visitor begins to feel better cosmic scales. Explanatory and entertaining inscriptions are periodically found in emptiness. If the user is tired of manually winding the page, he has two options. The first is a button in the lower right corner that starts automatic scrolling at the speed of light. That is, for example, a journey at the speed of light from the Sun to the Earth will take 8.4 minutes. Pluto is 328.4 minutes away.

    Of course, for a long time - and what to do? As rightly written in the annotations on the page, it is forbidden to move faster than light in our universe, and it is recommended that you contact Einstein with complaints.

    If you don’t have a mouse with an inertial wheel, but you already understand everything, there is an accelerated scrolling for you - in the upper part there are symbols of all the planets that you can "get" pretty quickly by scrolling through the vast empty space of space.

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