Microsoft Windows Live Folders, New Rumors

    Microsoft is about to launch the Windows Live Folders service (formerly known as Live Drive). When the service is launched, it will be available at (the service is currently unavailable).

    After entering the service, we see the main page of the project, which displays three types of folders that we can create. We also see some folders created by default and the amount of free space that we have left.

    Windows Live Folders is an easy-to-use service. Creating folders is quite simple, just like downloading files. Microsoft plans that this service will be used by a fairly wide audience, so the basic actions should be easy to use for people far from computers.

    Windows Live Folders at the same time gives greater opportunities for using folders, in particular with sharing access to them. The process is very similar to sharing access in Windows Live Spaces, with the only difference being that you can assign roles to your friends — either a reader or an assistant. Just as when using the FTP service, the role of the reader gives the contact only the right to read the contents of the folder and files, while the rights of the assistant also provide the ability to download, edit and delete files and folders. Creating public folders and files is also very simple.

    According to the LiveSide service, the service is somewhat simple, and in fact it is really inferior in functionality to such projects as, for example, But the service has not yet been launched, so let's wait what will happen in the end when at least a beta version of the service appears.

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