SlideBurner - web-based presentation hosting service

    SlideBurner is a web-based presentation hosting service with an appropriate set of commenting, tagging, grouping and RSS feeds. To download files, PowerPoint (* .PPT, * .PPS, * .POT) and OpenOffice (* .ODP) files with a maximum size of 20 mB are allowed. On a free account, it is possible to store a slide show with a total volume of 200 mB, on a paid account ($ 3 per month) - 1 gigabyte. The author of the slide show can determine his circle of users who can access his files. View downloaded presentations through a special player, similar to the player Youtube. There is a function of viewing slides in full screen. Any Internet user can publish presentations on blogs and forums using codes provided by the service.

    Similar projects in RuNet are not found, although their functionality could be very useful at present in the educational field. In the wake of large-scale investments in office equipment and connecting educational institutions to the Internet, resources intended for hosting presentations can have a positive impact on the development of the educational segment of the Runet. Converting knowledge into easy-to-read slides will allow students to better master the subjects of study, and modern search capabilities, webdvanol delights of folksonomy and RSS will provide good access to educational content.

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