Kremlin dial-up

    Julia Latynina
    Continuing the theme of hacker attacks from Russia to Estonian websites. Famous columnist Yulia Latynina expressed her opinion on this matter on Echo of Moscow: “I don’t share everything that the Estonian government says about this incident. A simple example is that the Estonian government stated that hacker attacks on Estonian government sites were conducted from the IP addresses of the Kremlin administration. That's how much I asked this question from computer scientists , they laugh a lot, because the IP address is almost always assigned to the modem pool, not to mention the fact that this is an extremely unlikely version of a hacker attack that the Kremlin will launch from its own computers. As a rule, this is simply technologically impossible, that is, the maximum IP address that Estonia can find out is the IP address of one or another modem pool, for example, MTU pool or any other. ”

    PS But Habr-computer specialists say that the Kremlin addresses are still located .

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