Geocaching - a game for geeks in the fresh air

    What is geocaching? This is a unique phenomenon, a game, a type of outdoor activity.
    The game consists in the players hiding caches with small treasures, determining the coordinates of the cache using GPS and publishing information about the cache on the cataloging site. The remaining players find caches, take something from the belongings for themselves, leave something to the following players and register their find on the site.

    Why is this needed? Geocaching is a great way to get to know the world around you. In Russia, it is customary to lay hiding places in places that are of geographical, historical, and cultural interest. And the Russian cataloging site has become a catalog of interesting places in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus.
    The American community of geocaches also benefits. On the basis of geocaching, a parallel game arose, which consists in searching for geographical marks (reference points) established throughout the country to facilitate topographic surveying, cartography, and civil engineering. In the event of damage or movement of such a tag, the geocache community promptly notifies the appropriate service.
    It seems that the game is somehow too simple and uninteresting. This is actually not the case. The accuracy of determining the coordinates of the GPS receiver ranges from up to 10 meters, so it turns out that having more or less accurate coordinates, you still have to look for the cache. Often, in order to find out the exact coordinates, it is necessary to solve the riddle, visit a certain place in order to collect data. In addition, geocaching is a wonderful game for any geek, you will have the opportunity to breathe fresh air, travel and learn new places and at the same time you have to constantly use your gadgets - GPS-navigator or PDA :)

    Geocaching = Social network + GPS + Fresh air !

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