Microsoft vs webOS?

    The theme of software accessible through a browser from any computer is more relevant than ever. Microsoft claims web technologies to be the main development vector for the current five-year period, Adobe buys Macromedia and prepares for release a web version of Photoshop, Google challenges the industry by promoting its office suite. There are a lot of disputes on this subject, but I see three obvious advantages of this approach:

    1. Centralized data storage;
    2. The availability of data and processing tools from any computer connected to the Internet;
    3. The best software delivery scheme in which the user does not need to download updates, monitor system order, etc.

    1. The Internet in the right amount is not always and not everywhere;
    2. The privacy, security and stability of the service and data from the point of view of the user in question.

    Now imagine that either in the standard functionality of Windows Home Server, or as easily connected options to it, Microsoft rolls out an office suite and an online hard drive with a convenient web interface and synchronization for offline work + a full set of features for backup, encryption, etc. . than solves both problems. About compatibility with mobile devices, corporate software, etc. Think for yourself about the support of third-party software, if desired, too.
    Interesting picture, right?)

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