A true assessment of public opinion is a global aggregator of comments.

    An idea just occurred to me, until I forgot, I'll try to formulate it.
    On the web, the same issues are being discussed in a thousand different places. Sometimes, for example, users express their opinion about the political situation at the forum of hamster breeders. Or holivayut about Linux and poppy in the community of photography. On topical topics, you can find hundreds of absolutely identical statements.
    YaPulse is, of course, good, but it does not give a qualitative assessment.

    So, the essence of the project:
    Create a global user-generated moderately moderated aggregator of cameras.
    To do this, write a client extension for FF / socket on IE and, in fact, the site itself. Next - Project.
    What specifically:
    Group issues.
    Project users can add any questions by tagging them. Questions are moderated in case the tags are crooked. It can be of any complexity, starting from “Are you for Putin or not?” with a Boolean answer and ending with “How do you feel about what Putin said dd / mm / yy in the context of relations with xxx?” Anyone can add answer options, but active users vote on them, top N answers are available. Any questions can be sorted by tags in conjunction with popularity / date - i.e. see what are the most popular / recent questions about Putin or Ubuntu.
    Group sources.
    In almost any place where you can leave kament, there is a link to a specific kament. Project users can add new sources in a formatted form, which is checked by moderators. Something like site.net/xxx/thread/?commentid=xxx . When you activate browser stray, it automatically highlights the places where you can poke to send your rating. If questions have already been sent from this sub-source ( site.com/xxx/thread ), it substitutes them in the sidebar.

    If the same kament was sent several times, then a repeat does not add to the total number of votes, but increases the kament rating. Within each question, make it possible to sort by popularity / date of comments.

    On the Pribluda panel, make a choice of language, compact search by tags, input field for question ID and advanced functions.

    Since kamens are left in 80% of cases so that at least someone reads the opinion of the fasting person, they will at least send their kamens. In addition, there are a huge number of forum fighters who can evaluate dozens of kamentov from a single source, for which to fasten the rating of appraisers.
    Also, this is a step towards the creation of AI :) The

    opinion of habra-people on this subject is interesting.

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