We will all go down in history!

    Dictionary of Man LogoWe walked through the moons, crossed every desert, every sea and heaven. We measured the highest peaks and the deepest oceans ... recorded, counted, photographed, sketched, saved each plant, beast, fish, bird, insect, leaf and flower. They even unraveled our very essence - the DNA code. But who are we? Who is this outstanding creature - man? Why have we never looked at ourselves?

    With these words, the BBC company and Sir Bob Geldof announced their large-scale creation - The Dictionary of Man, which will be collected and described all modern and future books, films, paintings, songs and events occurring with every social group, even the smallest. For each of the groups, the dictionary will acquire a detailed article about their history, achievements and distinguishing features. Together with the website based on this work, a documentary television series of eight parts will be shot.

    Bob GeldofBob Geldof is an Irish musician, composer, actor and political activist who, through his efforts for the benefit of humanity, has earned the title of Knight of the British Empire and many other honorary titles. He is the author of the idea of ​​creating the Dictionary. According to him, she came to him 20 years ago after meeting with the governor of one of the provinces of the state of Niger, in which 300 tribes died due to starvation, taking with them an extensive unique cultural heritage. If it is still not possible to overcome hunger in poor countries, it is possible to preserve the memory of people, and this must be done, says Sir Robert.

    And today, with the support of the huge information network of the British Broadcasting Corporation, Geldof is finally starting to realize his dream. WebsiteThe project is still at an early stage of creation, but its main future features are known now.

    Today it is difficult to imagine the implementation of such an impressive project without the participation of volunteers. Therefore, a huge part of the collection of information about the society was decided to be entrusted to the society itself. Historians, anthropologists, linguists and other specialists are invited to participate. In addition, the site will organize the largest social network in which everyone can tell about their work, their roots and the history of their family or city. Video, audio and photographs will be greatly appreciated. Bob says that to some extent the Dictionary of Man can be considered the biggest “family photo album.”

    The authors of the project say that it will not reach its final form until 2010. Then all the accumulated information will be released on DVD and will become the basis of the most comprehensive series of documentaries in the history of television. Now you can subscribe to the project news.

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