How to become an IT specialist

    In order to quickly get out of the “adolescent age of a young promising specialist”, I propose a plan for achieving success, which is based on a rethinking of my own life path.

    I doubt that in part of my destiny I am somehow special. Most likely, my plan is suitable for 80% of beginning IT professionals, in particular, those who have loved computers from school and decided to associate their professional activities with them.

    After 8th grade, drop out of school. Chemistry, physics, astronomy is nothing more than a waste of time. Learn at night school if you plan to go to college, or go to college. To make a career, a diploma of secondary education is enough.

    Go to work for a meager salary as an assistant to the system administrator, “the errand boy” (user consultations, solving small computer problems). Preferably at a large factory or public sector. Experience in a large structure is invaluable:
    - the reputation of a specialist with experience in working with a large variety of equipment is formed;
    - The summary that you worked in a large organization known in the country will look very good;
    - since salaries are usually low in such offices, the staff turnover is large. There is an opportunity to make acquaintances. Colleagues who have left for more “bread” places may well pull you along or give a good recommendation in the company if you want to get a job in the same place;
    - here you finally decide who you want to be: continue your career as a system administrator or become a programmer.

    Gain experience, learn programming. This is real, since in large offices the load is usually low; the management, knowing that the salary is small, and, as if trying to compensate for this fact, looks through their fingers at the “left” occupations and staff covens.

    Solve the issue of conscription. For a further career, this is important -
    so as not to be distracted later.

    One or two years have passed. Well, you are ready to go out. At the moment, you already have work experience, you are already a mature specialist with connections and can count on more promising work. At the same time, your peers are still piling over textbooks, preparing for the final exam in biology and entrance exams at the university.

    Do not enter a university for full-time studies. It is unacceptable to spend a lot of time for a programmer on the study of cultural studies, history, philosophy [A very indisputable thesis. I would like to remind once again that the opinion of the author of the article is his own opinion and may not coincide (and does not coincide) with the opinion of the editor of this material (that is, me - Yu.R.)]! After all, life is given once. Every moment of life cannot be returned, they forgot, they drove through! Therefore, I strongly advise you to break social stereotypes and not enter full-time at the university.

    To legalize as a specialist, that is, to receive an official “crust”, you can do several ways:
    - Finish company courses (Microsoft, Oracle, 1C) and pass exams for a certified specialist. Believe me, this certificate in the eyes of the employer will mean much more than a university diploma!
    - not everyone knows, but a diploma can be defended at the factory, that is, at work in the state sector you write a diploma on industrial topics and defend it;
    - In universities there are many other forms of education besides full-time: part-time, inseparable, evening, distance.

    That's it, now you can begin to make a real career. Get a good job and feel free to set a good price for your work. Over the course of three to four years, you will climb higher and higher until you hit the ceiling of salaries and run out of opportunities for further growth.

    Now relax and ... get married. You are 20-22 years old, the blood is boiling, the salary allows you to look after the girls beautifully, rent an apartment separate from the parents. What else is needed for family happiness? Anyway, in the near future, career advancement does not shine, and another psychological crisis is occurring at this age. Let everything "settle down." Pause up to thirty years.

    To summarize. While your peers defend their diplomas and run in search of work for recruitment agencies, shouting that they are “young promising specialists” (thereby scaring away employers from themselves), you are already an accomplished specialist, with seniority, a good salary, an apartment and a beautiful wife . And at the same time you have resolved the issue with the army, you have chosen specialization, and you have probably already visited Turkey and Egypt, and maybe the Cayman Islands ...

    Author: Vladimir Karataev
    Published in the journal "Computerra" No. 13 of April 3, 2007

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