Web 2.0 - clarifying the disclosure of topics for the 6th PHPConf May 24-25

    WEB 2.0 at PHPConf 2007We invite all developers of specifications, projects and widgets for WEB 2.0 to take part in the discussion of
    topics that will be discussed at the 6th PHPConf on May 24-25, from the already stated it:

    - Requirements for Internet solutions in the era of Web 2.0 rglab
    - Microformats to life. Practical application on Web 2.0 sites and projects rossomachin

    Workshop: Widgets - a new step towards the interactivity of WEB 2.0 applications (May 23)

    The workshop will examine the technical features of developing widgets, provide examples of successful technical solutions, and analyze widget standards for the main WEB 2.0 players .
    • General provisions, an overview of the possibilities.
      Overview of widget engines of various developers.
      Widget development based on google.com, pusk.ru, pageflakes.com, netvibes.com standards.
      Pitfalls, difficulties, limitations when developing widgets.
      Assessment of prospects and trends.


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