In the lair of the White Dragon

    In Chinese mythology, the “white dragon” symbolizes something incomprehensible to human imagination. The frames in the title of the article are painfully familiar to some readers. And those who are not particularly recognizable - waiting for an amazing excursion to the ward number 6 in the beyond world of modern alchemists of the 21st century, seekers of "free energy" (which now replaces the perpetual motion in society). Attempts to create a party there have not only come to naught due to the rapid development of science - on the contrary, their activity in recent years is gaining momentum, attracting more and more new adepts. What can you do, the desire for freebies and miracles in men is ineradicable. Such a scale dvizhuhi and served as the reason for writing this article.

    Disclaimer: under the cut game and outrage over the errors of believers

    The law of conservation of energy, known to everyone from school, is not a hindrance in business, since it is valid exclusively for closed systems. But not all systems are isolated at least from the known and also not yet discovered by science fields and radiations that penetrate space - which agrees with the scientific point of view, at least in a qualitative aspect. And this rationale is the foundation of seekers of SE. It turns out that they are essentially looking for an inexpensive, durable, affordable for manufacturing in the garage workshop - a source of free energy . More precisely, the converter is possibly “somewhere out there” of the available energy, into electricity or heat required by the household. But according to the established tradition, they continue to call “Vecnyak”, the CE (superunit), as well as BTG (fuel-free generator).

    Many thousands of pages are written on the Russian-language Internet alone, in hundreds of topics on a multitude of forums. Some branches stretch over the years, but essentially nothing to read and do is not found there, from the word in general. Published drawings and diagrams will not give superunits. Communities are hierarchical: as a rule, a certain guru leads followers step by step to building a BTG. The motives of the guru are not entirely clear, perhaps ChSV, self-praise, some donates. But you can become a Guru yourself. For this you need:
    • basic skills and experience in electrical engineering, its home laboratory is a huge plus
    • go crazy master the style of communication, thinking, as well as specific terms in the environment
    • state firmly on the forums that you have a working superunit

    The basic principles of the guru:
    • to shy away from the specifics adopted by adequately-minded people, in any of its forms. Questions on the merits, analysis, criticism - are considered the roughest moveton. It is necessary to be extremely careful on third-party resources outside the controlled branches, there is no opportunity to cut out questions and opinions of critics.
    • the strongest step-by-step: the guru provides information in semantically unrelated portions. It may give tasks that are not particularly clear to the adepts - by performing which they get a chance to come closer to understanding the secrets of the SE. At the same time, the bar of understanding is always moving away like a horizon.
    • The guru's perpetual must not contain a localized superunit node. The energy there "accelerates", circulating with self-amplification only throughout the device as a whole.

    After that, you are provided with a staff of followers, then everything depends solely on personal charisma, social engineering skills, ability to convincingly re-promise the promise. Some gurus merge faster, others manage to lead a crowd of people in the desert for many years.

    There is a tendency among SE seekers: a mechanic is fan of the theory of the ether, an excellent mechanic tries to create an electric party, the “non-physicist” relies on controversial physical principles, and the electrician is concerned about levers and gears. That is, none of Vechnikostroitel makes no attempt to create Vechnyak in the sphere of their professional competence! Instead, they choose the area where there is no knowledge, no understanding, no experience.

    The second aspect - the neglect of the scientific method. You can still understand the belief in conspiracies, generating distrust of the theories of modern science and the hope of the existence of carefully concealed forbidden technologies for producing energy. But why reject the methodology? Excuse me, sir - you are doing technical research, not broadcasting from the stands. Iron can not be fooled. In the technique to create something will only objectively following a scientific approach.

    The following are examples of topics for the search for SE.

    Ideas and generators Nikola Tesla.

    From the position of a radio engineer, there is nothing special about the Tesla generator: the usual high-voltage resonant transformer operating at frequencies from hundreds of kHz to a couple of MHz. Single-layer high-quality coil, which is partly a volume oscillatory circuit formed by inductance and constructive inter-turn capacitance. There are no super-unity perspectives in it. And even nothing for a specialist that could somehow stand out against the background of the rest of the HF technology. Well, except that a great combination of low cost, affordable manufacturing at home, and most importantly - safety due to the skin effect, in contrast to electrophore machines and other high-voltage DC equipment. Apparently these qualities, as well as big beautiful sparks - and became the reason for the sacralization of Tesla's designs and ideas among scientific freaks.

    At the heart of everything - Razonans! © Kapanadze

    Tariel Kapanadze, demonstrating his technical tricks in public for a small fee, plus a big self-PR - could hardly guess what would unwittingly become the cause of the most elite fundamentalist movement among Russian vechnyakostroiteley. As it turned out, it is his uncomplicated construction that is best for becoming a guru. Authors BTG Kapanadze was not very sophisticated. Something like a sawed-out box made of cheap plastic with a fake coil - it is commonplace powered by a nearby car battery.

    Nevertheless, due to his charisma and peculiarities of the local mentality, Kapanadze confidently inspires viewers that the device is superunit. He gained wide popularity and popularity in the yellow media.

    Unlike Kapanadze, the Russian sewing gurus completely avoid publicly showing their BTG replications, limited to videos on YouTube, which are countless there.

    A distinctive feature of vechnakostroiteli this direction - the absence of any sane publications in the form of technical articles. Only video is shot, most of them with terrible light and a shaking camera that shows the confusion of wires, parts and coils - where you really can't understand anything. Although occasionally there are videos and without shaking. And also moved away from the burn with a battery, which is now replaced with well-masked power supply wires. Declared concept: creating conditions for synchronization of “second”, “third” and other resonances, obtaining special current and wireless electricity - which, from the point of view of a specialist, is a solid game in attempts to explain in its own way the phenomena well known in radio engineering.

    Bedini Motor

    This is a vast class of devices, where authors seek to obtain super-unity by disposing of the EMF of self-induction coils. In the hope that one winding will spin the wheel, and the energy will be removed from several others, self-induction which we also use for the benefit of the case. There are rotating parts in the photo, as well as purely electrical versions that do not contain mechanics. The approach is the same everywhere - based on a lack of understanding that the coil will not give out more energy than it was pumped into, and that the loaded winding of the generator resists rotation, in contrast to the unloaded one. Absolutely unpromising direction that does not withstand the test for self-filling - which is the main criterion for super-unity.

    True Bedini did unscrew the same as the previous character - put the racks of batteries that can power the device for weeks. A bunch of beautifully made BTG models successfully stimulate followers on replication ( they won’t build it if it didn’t work , yeah), as well as sponsors for donations to continue research.

    Magnetic motors Perendev, Minato and other

    Attempts to harness conservative forcesmagnetic field, at one time stimulated the demand for neodymium magnets from thousands of experimenters around the world. The authors mentioned in the title raised quite good grandmas. True, one of them subsequently went to places not so distant by the claims of disgruntled sponsors who did not receive the promised engine. In practice, the magnetic motor only works if you hold the stator magnet in your hands - due to reflective unconscious movements. It is necessary to fix it, and all for nothing.

    Nevertheless, there is some benefit from the mess with the magnets - willy-nilly, the experimenters begin to understand and understand their properties. The topic, though unpromising, but still not causing catastrophic damage to the worldview.

    Mechanical pendulum Velko Milkovich

    I would like to complete this small review on a positive note, so I chose the most non-sectoral, and most importantly, non-concealed technical solution. As far as was able to understand, the author believes that he managed to harness the centrifugal force created by the swinging pendulum at the bottom of its trajectory. A parametric pendulum is used on the yoke, the point of suspension of the pendulum slightly moves up and down.

    In the video, one of the replications of the “Milkovich amplifier” for rocking the water pump with small efforts while pushing the pendulum. In discussions, the author has repeatedly explained that his hands to pull this pump is absolutely not strong enough.

    The topic of mechanics is non-core for me, but I think that there is no super-unity there, although the author considers otherwise. Nevertheless, this ratsuha may well find application in the economy.

    In fact, the above examples of the scope of the search for a “superunit” are just a drop in the ocean among all existing ones. The basis of fric research is still the theory of the ether, a hundred years ago in the minds of sensible people a hundred years ago, naturally replaced by the GTR, the CM and the QFT - which have been successfully confirmed by many experiments. But experimenters still spend time, effort, money , carrying out large but obviously failing projects in garages.. Having talked a little in this area, I already perfectly understood that the “researchers of the ESS” who took place are unlikely to succeed in convincing. Rather useless. There is an opinion that fussing with equipment in any case gives development - but personally I don’t share it, because poisoned by anomalous-schizic ideas, thinking practically loses the ability to analyze and apply a sensible scientific approach. But maybe some of the beginners who have not yet become immersed in the pseudoscientific anomalousness — this material will help to figure out something ...

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