It is possible that Leopard, iWork and iLife will appear in June

    Today, a piece of news appeared on the ThinkSecret website that said that information on the release date of MacOS X 10.5 was received from a reliable source (remaining unnamed).

    The news talks about Leopard coming out in June, somewhere near the Worldwide Developers Conference 2007, which is scheduled for June 11 (by the way, the iPhone will appear in retail sales on this day ).

    It was previously stated that MacOS X 10.5 Leopard will appear in the spring of this year, but unofficially in the spring they call the time until the end of the third fiscal quarter - June 21 - so Apple in this situation fully meets the deadline.

    Also (again, according to an anonymous source), iLife and iWork will be released at the end of June, which may exchange the end of '07 for Leopard Edition.

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