Technology IPOs go to the bull market

    During these "post-crisis" years, it has become a normal option to prepare a startup for sale, and not for access to the stock exchange. Even the largest startups costing more than a billion dollars (YouTube, Skype) - even they became the object of purchase, and did not prepare an IPO. But in 2007, the situation should change .

    This year, the number of companies that have already filed for an IPO or are preparing to do so is as large as ever. This has not happened since 2000. According to analysts, in the second half of 2006 the market clearly felt real euphoria, which has not existed since the late 90s. The Nasdaq index rose in the second half. 2006 almost 20%. It is not surprising that the technology startups that entered the stock exchange at that time showed an average growth of quotations of 37% compared to the placement price. Such a pronounced bull market was not long ago.

    The most striking IPOs last year were made by the network equipment manufacturer Riverbed Technology in November (more than triple the growth in two months) and the manufacturer of modular network disk arrays Isilon Systems(+ 77% for the first day of trading in mid-December). Although, of course, there were failures, such as Vonage (-60% for the period from the moment of IPO in May 2006 to January 2007).

    For the first time since the dot-com boom, investors are so fond of technology startups. A big show is expected in 2007. The manufacturer of wireless equipment Aruba Networks , WiMax-company Clearwire , computer security company Sourcefire , local operator MetroPCS will go on the exchange . All these companies postponed their IPOs earlier due to unfavorable market conditions. Now their time has come.

    The total estimated value of all technology companies awaiting an IPO rose from $ 1.1 billion in January 2006 to $ 4.7 billion in January 2007. Here are the six hottest IPO applicants among high-tech firms, according to Business 2.0 .
    Online art sales. The annual turnover is expected to reach $ 100 million after the merger with Investors: Benchmark Capital and Polaris Venture Partners.

    Local mobile operator. Good growth, profits rose to $ 70 million, and excellent financial condition allows us to evaluate the company at $ 1.1 billion.

    Business software on order. He plans to arrange an IPO in the style of Google, that is, through a Dutch auction. The main investor of the company is Larry Ellison from Oracle.

    Email security systems are becoming more popular as spam grows. The company has more than 36,000 customers worldwide, and it has become profitable since 2004.

    Tellme Networks
    Voice Automation. It has been profitable since 2004, and revenues are expected to reach $ 100 million. A specialist was hired to conduct the IPO, who helped to enter the Google stock exchange.
    An analogue of the Amazon store, but only for shoes. A fast-growing, well-managed website that already makes a profit and that its users really love. Can also use the Dutch auction system.

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