Wikipedia editors think to remove all YouTube links

    The essence of the problem is that American media corporations continue to struggle with illegal copying of content on the Internet. They began to apply new methods of pressure and very peculiarly interpret the existing legislation in the field of copyright.

    For example, more recently a truly egregious incident has occurred . Fox lawyers sent an angry letter to the owner of stating that posted links to material copyrighted by Fox. A copy of the letter was sent to the hosting provider, which hosted the site.

    It should be noted that the aforementioned blog does contain an extensive catalog of TV shows and cartoons. Among them are “South Park” (10 seasons), “Futurama” (5 seasons), Lost (3 seasons) and many others, with direct links to each series.

    After receiving the Fox claim, the blogger decided to temporarily change the format of the links on those pages that are listed in the letter from Fox lawyers (the link text is placed in text forms, so now you can’t start the video with one click), and also moved to a hosting in Malaysia. Now he is going to consult with his lawyer about this.

    As you know, lawyers have repeatedly discussed in the past whether links to pirated content are against the law, and found out - no, they are not. But the very fact of receiving such a claim from a solid media corporation leads to gloomy thoughts.

    Probably, the same gloomy thoughts arose in the head of some Wikipedia editors who are discussing the idea of removing all links to content that may be pirated from the site. No one will check every link, therefore it is proposed to remove absolutely all links on YouTube , where the lion's share of content is pirated. According to the editors, this fully complies with the rules for linking on Wikipedia, which do not recommend linking to pirated content.

    Skeptics, however, object: for example, Google’s cache may also contain pirated content, so now, ban all links to Anyway, posting links to pirated content in any case cannot be considered a violation of the law, as mentioned above.

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