Learn more about publishing features.

    Last week, we announced the imminent launch of the I'm Sync project . Today we will talk about what information you can upload to your site using the publication components, and also show how it will look.

    Event Poster

    With this component you can upload event information to your site.


    You can mark events on the map, upload photos and videos to them.


    This component can be useful for sites of organizations, communities, personal sites and just blogs.


    Using the following component, you can upload photos to your site.


    The user will be able to conveniently view your photos.


    You can upload and edit photos directly on your site.


    The video publishing component will allow you to work with video in the same way as with photos.



    And finally, the last component, with its help you can mark the places of your company on the map and indicate their contacts.


    This component is ideal for publishing the coordinates and contacts of company offices on your website.

    After you have added the publication component to the site, you can edit and add new information using the convenient interface.

    We hope that the components of the publication I'm Sync will make your site more convenient and functional. We also remind you that through Twitter you can receive news about the project and participate in its discussion in real time.

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