Belarusian Santa Claus congratulates via the Internet

    A letter from Santa Claus - a real letter by mail in an envelope :-)

    There are things that we always want to believe in.
    One of them is a New Year's fairy tale. And the fairy tale is not that magic can be found here and now, but that the fairy tale is warmth and kindness, attention and care.

    It does not matter whether we believe in Santa Claus or not, it is important that we expect someone to know our desires and fulfill them regardless of how we behaved this year.

    We sometimes don’t think how important it is to give a New Year card to a person whom we value and respect.

    Once upon a time we were children, and with bated breath we were waiting for gifts from Santa Claus, we wrote letters to him resembling gift lists. Sometimes he brought them, but never answered letters.
    Of course, many children are waiting for an answer from Santa Claus.

    Now imagine - you open the mailbox - and there is a real letter with New Year's greetings from Santa Claus:

    “Dear, Sasha!
    Happy New Year. You behaved well this year, and therefore I give you the “Spy Set” so that you can become a real scout!
    Obey your parents until the next New Year.
    Santa Claus »The

    letter, of course, can be much longer and more pleasant. But the main thing is the warmth and memory of him for life. And, of course, the happy eyes of a child.

    I really wanted to give everyone the opportunity to receive a real letter from Santa Claus.
    To do this, we created the project www.iMoroz.bythanks to which everyone can send real letters from Santa Claus to their near and dear ones, with ready or their own text.
    And when the letter comes, the miracle will come true!

    It’s already December, it’s been a year, but winter has not yet begun. Although it has become colder, there is still no snow.

    What will happen on New Year's Eve? Will it snow? Will there be patterns on the windows?

    So far, we don’t know any of this. But we are sure: there will definitely be a tree and an olivier in the house!

    And under the Christmas tree - the good grandfather Frost will definitely put gifts and answer a letter!

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