In 2020, “network nirvana” will come

    A survey of 742 experts in the field of computer technology, politics and business was conducted by the American organization Pew Internet. The experts were offered seven options for the potential development of the Internet. They had to evaluate the reality of each option and comment on it. A few days ago, Pew Internet published the results of this survey ( PDF ).

    More than half of the experts believe that the development of the Internet will be generally positive, but 46% said they have serious concerns about this. About 60% of experts are confident in the appearance of a counterculture of Luddites who will oppose the Internet with violence. Luddites can even organize peculiar terrorist attacks for public relations, as Ecoterrorists from Greenpeace and other similar organizations do now.

    The reason for the violence will be that technology can have a negative effect on society. Changes in society will be very strong and not everyone will like them. For example, the ubiquity of the Internet will virtually destroy privacy and make all people easily accessible at any time. About half of the experts think that universal access will have a negative effect on people's lives. Other experts hope that the impact of the Internet will be more likely to be positive.

    A major role on the Internet of the future will be played by mobile phones and other mobile devices. All of them will be connected to the Network, and most mobile operators will provide data transfer rates of 1 Gb / s and higher. It will be a real "network nirvana."

    However, not all experts are sure that such a nirvana will occur by 2020. The main threats to the widespread Internet are the incompatibility of various formats, government measures of influence and conflicts of interest of commercial corporations. These problems will slow down technological progress and may not allow network utopia to be born after 15 years.

    But in general, ubiquitous Internet access, the ability to extract any information from the World Wide Web at any time - all this should give a significant impetus to human civilization, experts say.

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