Opera browser turns into a network OS

    The Norwegian company Opera Software recently released the ninth version of the browser, but has already begun preparing a new release. The main role in it will be played by widgets.

    Opera 10 browser release date has not yet been announced. Obviously, this will happen over the next year. Apparently, the Norwegian company has high hopes for the tenth version of the browser. Representatives of the company say that their development will compete with IE7 .

    The most interesting thing is why Opera 10 should compete with IE7. According to developers, the main advantage of the program will be widgets - additional software modules, support for which appeared in the ninth version. These small programs work relatively independently of the browser and have a separate interface. Until now, the functionality of widgets has been very poorly evaluated by users, but in the future the situation should change.

    Opera Software has now focused on widget development. It is planned to release special tools for developers to make it easier for them to create their own software modules based on Opera. In the future, the Opera engine may become a universal platform for web applications with support for all recognized standards. Among Opera's widgets will be office programs, games, and much more, so in the future this platform may even become a replacement for the standard operating system.

    In addition, Opera 10 will become a more versatile browser and will work on more platforms: on personal computers, on mobile phones and on game consoles, including Nintendo DS. All this is done specifically in order to attack the positions of Internet Explorer from different angles. The fact is that Microsoft, in principle, can not port its browser to such a number of different platforms due to the fact that they are its direct competitors. For example, Nintendo directly competes with the Microsoft Xbox.

    The ninth version of the Opera browser was launched on June 20, 2006. On the first day, more than 700 thousand people downloaded it. To date, the number of downloads, including the mobile version of Opera Mini, has reached 25 million.

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