Google Talk is not gaining momentum

    Researchers at comScore Media Metrics compiled and published a rating plate of leading IM services for 2005 and 2006. According to the tablet, in May 2006, only 3.4 million people around the world used the Google Talk IM service.

    The results of comScore Media Metrics indicate that the Google Talk instant messaging service is lagging behind the world's IM train, the main steering of which is MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger, which attracted 204 million users in May 2006. The second, third and fourth places are occupied respectively by Yahoo! Messenger (78 million), AIM (34 million) and ICQ (33.9 million). Rediff Bol Instant Messenger, a breathtaking Google Talk service- and he, like the Google pager, is not even a year old - he managed to attract 2.6 million users.

    It is worth noting that the data is based on an analysis of the May traffic flows, therefore users who have already been registered in IM systems, but have not used their services in May, were not counted.

    Recall, Google released its own IM pager in August 2005. Over the course of the year, some of Google Talk's competitors managed to grow significantly. So, ICQ added 10% to the number of users in May 2005, MSN grew by 13%. At the same time, the audience performance of Yahoo! Messenger and AIM were down 2%.

    The existence of the popular E-buddy gate , which is used by about 1.3 million Internet users , is also noteworthy . Through E-buddycommunication is possible in the IM-systems MSN, AOL and Yahoo - and this is its great advantage. By the way, another advantage of E-buddy allows users of corporate networks to connect to IM gateways, bypassing the “custody” of IT departments. Returning to the results of comScore Media Metrics, it is logical to conclude that the E-buddy client significantly adds users to the instant messaging services MSN, AOL and Yahoo.

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