Finder Accoona playing chess and talking

    The Accoona project officially opened in December 2004. The company entered into an agreement with the Chinese government, and the Bill Clinton Foundation was one of the investors. The former president himself attended the grand opening ceremony.

    An exclusive agreement with China Daily Information, the state-owned news agency, gave Accoona access to millions of Chinese companies. Now this database is significantly expanded and searchable through the search site.

    From a technological point of view, the new search engine was different in that it could, firstly, sort synonyms for each word from the search query, and secondly, it used special SuperTarget tags, with which you can select one or more words in a search query to increase their "weight" when calculating the relevance of the results, as well as change other filtering conditions for search results.

    For a year and a half, no significant improvements to the engine have been made. The search site has clearly strengthened the bias towards a "business" search engine. Their search index contains information on tens of millions of companies from around the world (11 million from China, 25 million from the United States and 28 million from Europe). The European branch of the search engine has recently been opened .

    Despite the emergence of the European branch, the creators of the new search engine have still not been able to confirm their big ambitions, and they claimed that the quality of their search is even better than that of Google. Nevertheless, Accoona continues to surprise - they have released an add-on to the Accoona Toolbar browser for IE 6+ with a speech synthesis function. Using this toolbar, you can select any text written in English on a web page, and the computer will read it out loud. The system is intended primarily for those who study English and want to improve their English pronunciation. However, it can be used by any users who are too lazy to read the text themselves.

    The possibilities of the "magic toolbar" do not end there. In addition to reading texts, he also knows how to ... play chess at the grandmaster level. Last year, even a demonstration match was held with the 32nd grandmaster of the world.

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