World of Warcraft overcame 50% of the MMOG market

    Massively multiplayer online games have reached a new frontier in their development. This is due to the fact that the explicit monopolist of World of Warcraft has captured more than 50% of the market. Experts are trying to understand why this game managed to achieve such success.

    Multiplayer role-playing games originate from the experimental development of the mid-80s. last century. For obvious reasons, then they could not become truly massive. But with the advent of the Internet, the popularity of MMOG began to increase rapidly. Interestingly, almost every year a new hit appeared, which became a new leader in this rapidly growing market. In 1996, 3DO Meridian 59 was released (50,000 subscribers), in 1997 the legendary Ultima Online appeared, which a few years later raised the bar to 250,000 players. But this achievement was at least doubled with the release of the game EverQuest from Sony (1999).

    The advent of Blizzard's World of Warcraft in 2004 revolutionized the MMOG market. The number of WoW participants grew exponentially and in February 2006 exceeded 6 million, and by June 2006 it had grown by another half a million.

    In May 2006, according to statistics from the website, the game overcame a new historical milestone in 50% of the market. Estimates of independent analysts indicate that the WoW game owns 50.6% of the market. This is much more than competitors. The closest pursuers are Lineage (11.7%) and Lineage II (10.1%). In total, almost 13 million people have now settled in virtual worlds. Since 1998, this number has been approximately doubled annually.

    Financially, the World of Warcraft project can be called overly successful. Perhaps this is the most profitable game in the history of computer games. Blizzard is trying to further develop success. All new game servers are constantly opening. Recently, it was decided to start shooting a movie on this game.

    At the same time, experts are wondering : due to what the creators of WoW managed to achieve such popularity? What innovations were implemented in this game that led to such superiority over competitors?

    Firstly, the idea of ​​"rest", thanks to which the player gets the opportunity to develop his character faster if he has been absent from the game for several days. This encourages those who would otherwise have abandoned their character to return to the game.

    Secondly, a very attentive attitude of developers to small details. For example, here are the most beautiful “mini-icons” among games of this class (small pictures with weapons and other artifacts). At first glance, these are minor details, but they are very important for the players themselves, as well as the appearance of other objects in the game.

    The phenomenal popularity of WoW is not to everyone's liking. The servers are constantly overloaded, and some players are forced to wait hours for permission to enter the virtual world. The game increasingly annoying delays and glitches. Another problem: what to do to the participants who over the long years of the game have already reached the ceiling in the development of their character? How to deal with the "content shortage"? If these problems are resolved, then World of Warcraft is quite capable of continuing to maintain its dominant position in the market. At least until something fundamentally new appears here.

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