Authorization Denied

    Friends, I don’t understand anything at all.

    After libsyn a week ago was unable to receive money from my credit card through PayPal, a strange thing started. Actually, with PayPal it all started. No foreign service can receive authorization of payments on any of my cards.

    I use four cards for such purposes: three master cards and one visa. Banks are different: Alfa Bank, Finance Bank and Raiffeisen. That is, not Kryzhopltrastinvestpromsvyazkommertsbank, but decent large banks. Moreover, all of them refuse to make online payments. Alfa-Bank explained to me that CVC (Card Verification Code - there are three digits on the back of the card) does not come along with other payment information, which is why payments cannot be authorized.

    There are several questions in this regard:

    1) Is it just me?
    2) If this phenomenon is massive, then where do his legs grow from?
    3) If you have credit card payments abroad, what banks and types of cards do you have? (relevant for payments made over the past week)
    4) What should I do ?!

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