ICANN wants to ban obscene domains

    ICANN Law Offices develops specific guidelines for the regulation of new domain names that prohibit the registration of names in new domain zones using “doubtful” words or ideas.

    The phrase “the string should not be contrary to public policy” appeared in the new version of the document with reference to the recommendations of the US government, which explains in detail which words are deemed to violate this very “public policy”.

    Obviously, by banning “dubious” words, ICANN wants to deal with obscene domains that violate public morality with one name. This problem exists in Runet, and it has not yet been resolved: a list of swearing domains in the .RU zonein the tens. We are specialized in such registrations Centrohost (Pizda.ru, Blyadi.ru) and R01 (Hui.ru, Nahuy.ru and others).

    On the Western Internet, the situation is no better. The line between the “normal” and “swearing” words is in some cases very thin. Even academic linguists cannot come to a consensus, where can there be tech-geeks who didn’t study Russian at university at all. Therefore, the registrar cannot take responsibility for the prohibition of certain words. The list of forbidden words does not exist, therefore, registrars in Russia register everything in a row.

    ICANN wants to ban such practices in the bud, but human rights defenders perceived this as a threat to freedom of speech. The Nonprofit User Association (NCUC), part of ICANN, proposes to adopt a special document that protects freedom of speech in the domain space. According to them, by banning “doubtful” words, ICANN is going to introduce censorship in domain names, which cannot be allowed.

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