Acoustic novelties.

    I recently met an interesting person who told me a lot of all sorts of interesting things about new products in the field of acoustics. Having collected the information, I decided to share a couple of finds with the habrausers.

    Sound spotlights Audio Spotlight Audio Spotlight speaker system allows you to transfer sound to a strictly defined area of ​​space, outside of which the audibility of sound is reduced to almost zero. The audio converter is a circle with a diameter of 30 cm and a thickness of 1 cm, the divergence of the sound beam lies within three degrees.

    The ASL system, designed by American scientists, consists of an equalizer and an ultrasonic speaker. An equalizer processes the original signal and transfers it to a non-linear processor, introducing the necessary bias. The output signal on small speakers modulates ultrasound (with a frequency of 40-80 kHz), which, propagating in the air, “reveals” the audible component embedded in the original signal. An audible sound is formed directly in the air like a hologram.

    The feeling when you listen to ASL is as if the sound is being directly transmitted to your head. The effect is rather entertaining;) This joke, usually above the head, is fastened. Typical applications for such floodlights are: equipment for museums and exhibition halls, voice acting in the auto -port, application in “smart homes”.

    In Russia, RIWA is engaged in the sale of such spotlights .

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