Turkmen footprint in the Kozlov murder case.

    Investigators intend to interrogate the chairman of the board of directors of the Moscow Industrial Expert Bank.

    In the case of the murder of the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Andrei Kozlov, new defendants may soon appear. The investigation team of the Prosecutor General’s Office was not at all satisfied with the arrest of already existing defendants and now plans to interrogate a number of people connected with the banking business.

    Among those who are interested in the investigation of the “Kozlov case” were the heroes of another scandalous criminal epic - the theft and laundering of tens of millions of dollars that had disappeared from the Central Bank of Turkmenistan at one time.

    Investigators in the murder of the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation intend to interrogate Aisoltan Niyazova, chairman of the board of directors of the Moscow Industrial Expert Bank (Indexbank), her companion Savely Burshtein and the chairman of the board of the same bank, Evgeny Obzhirov. True, A. Niyazova and S. Burshtein have long been wanted by the “Turkmen” case, and now the prosecutor’s office has instructed the police to maximize their search.

    E. Obzhirov, in the framework of the “Turkmen” or some other case, as far as is known, has not been charged, but the investigators cannot find him even now. What is the reason for such activity in the investigation of the "Kozlov case", so far we can only speculate, the newspaper notes. Among other things, this can be explained by the result of a study of A. Kozlov’s personal notes and papers seized from his house and office after the murder. Perhaps the investigation came to the conclusion that Alexey Frenkel, the main suspect in the organization of the murder to date, was not the only customer to eliminate the deputy chairman of the Central Bank, or even acted as an intermediary, or maybe the prosecutor’s office found another trace in this matter.

    As a law enforcement source told the newspaper, last week from the Prosecutor General’s Office in connection with the Kozlov’s case, an oral order was received from all departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to raise all old criminal cases (primarily suspended or suspended) concerning capital banks and bankers. The first such case, which attracted the attention of detectives, is connected precisely with the theft of “Turkmen millions”.

    It began in September 2002 when it was discovered that several employees of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, who had access to the international electronic bank payment system SWIFT, were withdrawing large amounts from the backup account of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan at Deutsche Bank, having stolen a total of about $ 40 million (by the way, Just yesterday, according to Vremya Novostei, the former deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan Annadurdy Khodzhiev, one of the defendants in the case of theft of these funds) was detained in Sofia. When the scam was opened, it turned out that the money was transferred to the accounts of shell companies in different countries, and about $ 20 million went to Moscow.

    The Turkmen authorities turned to the Russian special services for help, who found out that the stolen millions were cashed through Indexbank and the Russian Depository Bank (RDB) (both banks were soon deprived of their license). In the framework of this criminal case, the head of the Republic of Belarus Dmitry Leus was sentenced to 4 years in prison in 2004, and the leaders of the Index Bank A. Niyazov and S. Burshtein disappeared from the investigation and were put on the wanted list. E. Obzhirova was also interrogated then, but he remained a witness in the case.

    Thus, the investigation team of the Prosecutor General’s Office, studying the lists of banks that were deprived of licenses at different times by order of A. Kozlov, came to the conclusion that persons involved in these cases could be involved in the murder of the banker. According to a source from Vremya Novostei, the investigation has already established that in 1998 A. Kozlov made a black list of about 1,500 banks involved in cashing money. This list also includes Indexbank.

    A. Kozlov then temporarily left the Central Bank, but the banks on his materials were deprived of licenses. Bankers, according to the investigation, then resorted to another tactic: they began to create small banks for a period of 2-3 months specifically for cashing out money and after a series of operations declared themselves bankrupt. After A. Kozlov returned to work in the Central Bank in 2002, he found out that the same financiers were behind these scams. And the latter, according to the source of "Vremya Novostei" in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, could finally decide that the deputy chairman of the Central Bank is easier to "remove" than to invent something new again.

    A source in the Prosecutor General’s Office, in turn, also said that the investigation had already accurately established the identities of the organizers of the murder of A. Kozlov. They, according to the source, are a group of bankers “offended” at different times. “These people are absolutely confident in their impunity,” the source said. - And the accused Alexei Frenkel is obviously just a pawn in this game. He was just the first to get into the field of view of the law enforcement agencies that showed vigorous activity. And the mediator Liana Askerova, after a confession, refused her words. ”

    Source: Dengin.ru

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