Chinese Internet users are unhappy with Google’s policies

    One of the “pioneers of Chinese blogging,” co-author of , Issak Mao, published an open letter to the founders of Google , urging them to abandon the “compromise policy” regarding Google’s presence in China.

    Turning to Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Isaac draws their attention to the active support from Chinese Internet users at the moments when the company began to have “problems” in China. This was the case, for example, in 2002, when Google sites were first blocked by the authorities of the country: then users actually spontaneously organized a wave of protest - on forums, blogs, etc. After 4 years, the same people are thinking about whether to continue supporting Google. Filtering search results for some keywords on disappointed users. Such "self-censorship" is unacceptable, says Isaac Mao.

    The author of the letter suggests that the company contribute to the development of the Internet in China by investing in the national segment of the global network through venture funds, helping to create programs against censorship, and promoting the promotion of “free sites” using Google Adsense.

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