Linux as an alternative to Windows

    In St. Petersburg, a round table was held on the topic “Linux vs. Windows: who will win in Russia? ”
    It is clear that this topic is relevant, especially in light of the indicative flogging of teacher Ponosov.
    It is curious that advice was given on how to avoid this, including a complete migration to Linux:

    “To avoid problems with the law, the participants in the round table recommend the following procedure:

    - audit the software installed in the organization, verify that it is on the balance sheet of the organization;

    - if there is no license for an office suite - purchase 2.1. It can be downloaded freely on the Internet, but the purchase version has a paper license, which can be presented to regulatory authorities.

    By replacing the pirated Microsoft Office with, you can reduce the total amount of damage caused to the copyright holder by more than half.

    The second (on the complexity of implementation and the first - on license purity) option is full migration to Linux.

    Distributions can be downloaded free of charge from the Web (a selection of the most popular options can be found at or purchased a boxed version of the required distribution.

    Complete with a boxed distribution is the text of the license agreement, which confirms the legitimacy of using the system. It should be noted that the boxed versions in most cases allow installation on an arbitrary number of workstations (this may not apply to commercial software included in the boxed distribution kit), while the cost of such versions, as a rule, varies from 600 to 2000 rubles, and the kit is included not only the OS and office suite, but also a suite of software for all occasions.

    For quick training on Linux technologies, experts recommend the well-established free Linux Fundamentals course, available at Despite the fact that the distributions, on the basis of which educational issues are considered, are not of the most recent versions, the course contains all the information that is necessary for reliable work in the Linux environment. ”

    Full text (Rosbalt)

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