One of the reasons why “wrong” programs are more popular than “right” ones

    I have a couple of familiar geeks who do not recognize the mouse, and the console is the cutest interface for them. Type, more effective. Of course, typing a command quickly and pressing enter is much faster. And their nyxes are probably correct, unlike the wrong Windows.

    That's just such a thing ... training most users to work with the "right" and "effective" software is too expensive in time, money and effort. And the result is not guaranteed, but we must work now. And then, you trained an employee, and then he took it and went to another company.

    That is why the mass introduction of “correct” and “effective” software is incorrect and ineffective.

    You can scold Bill Gates, Microsoft and buggy Windows as much as you like, praise Linux-Unix-Firefox as much as you like (and what else is usually praised during holy wars), but you can’t argue against nature.

    The nature is such that people do not want to spend their time, energy, nerves on learning the “right” programs. They are not delighted with the console. They are not interested in mounting disks, compiling kernels, or understanding the differences between Linux distributions.

    Lamers? Lemmings? Blondes? It’s easier to call them that than to put up with a simple thought: they have enough intelligence to make money. And for some reason they spend this money on Microsoft products. It is easier to think that the reason is their stupidity and laziness than the lack of friendliness of the "right" software, its complexity and (very often) unattractive interface.

    Now you can start here holy wars.

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